Was your divorce rejected in Kings, New York, Queens, Bronx, Nassau or Suffolk County? Don’t get frustrated. Call us for a free consultation today at 718-360-2271. We fix problems with defective divorce papers and insufficient paperwork.

If you filed your own New York divorce paperwork and the New York Supreme Court sent your forms back, you may have received one of the below notices:



You can receive a Notice of Defects if just one word is wrong or missing from a form. When you work with Premier Paralegals we evaluate all of your forms to fix the problem and get your divorce finished!



Insufficient forms and documents can get you a Defective Papers notice. Have your paperwork evaluated by Premier Paralegals and we can help you complete your forms to finish your divorce.



Sometimes the courts send you an Insufficient Papers or Defective Papers notice because something is wrong with your filings. Turn to Premier Paralegals for help fixing that.



We go through your NYC divorce forms from start to finish. Then, we prepare the divorce forms necessary to fix your filings.



The courts may ask for a Stipulation of Settlement. We use a modified version of the one recommended and sold by the NYSBA.



Sometimes, the courts will ask you to correct your defective NY divorce by filing an Amended Summons With Notice. If you need an Amended Summons we can help!

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