What is a Separation Agreement?

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A Separation Agreement is an agreement on all the issues you and your spouse need to resolve before getting divorced, such as the division of marital property (assets and debts), child custody, visitation and support issues, and Temporary Maintenance and Post Divorce Maintenance (commonly known as ‘alimony or spousal support’), if any. The separation agreement… Read more »

What Is Abandonment?

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You can begin an action for divorce based on abandonment grounds if more than one year has passed since one of the following incidents happened: 1. Your spouse moved out of the marital residence without your consent (“Actual abandonment”); or 2. Your spouse made you leave the marital residence without your consent and has refused… Read more »

What Is A NO-FAULT Divorce?

| Did You Know?, Uncontested Divorce

In New York, you can now get divorced without either party admitting any fault. Domestic Relations Law §170 was amended on October 12, 2010 to add “irretrievable breakdown” in subdivision 7 as a “no-fault ground” for divorce. It provides that a husband or wife may be granted a judgment or divorce on the ground that:… Read more »