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Because divorce law can be complicated, you should meet with a lawyer before you use Premier Paralegal services – even if you think your divorce will be uncontested. If you and your spouse have resolved all financial and parenting issues, and you do not have a lawyer, Premier Paralegal can help you.


If you have parenting or financial issues to work out, you may want to consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes like divorce mediation or collaborative family law. These out-of-court processes often save time and money, reduce stress, and even improve relationships between parents and their children after divorce. ADR may not be appropriate in cases involving domestic violence, child abuse, or where one spouse cannot locate the other.

RULE #1: Consult with an attorney if you have any legal questions.

RULE #2: If your spouse hires an attorney, let Premier Paralegal know immediately.

RULE #3: If you receive ANYTHING in writing from your spouse or your spouse’s attorney, let Premier Paralegal know immediately.